News from Tamashii Comic Con!
26 mai
News from Tamashii Comic Con!

The brand Tamashii Nations is exhibiting all the weekend its next news about Star Wars and Marvel with some nice news!

The Japanese brand Bandai Tamashii Nations continues to exploit the line of the Movie / Manga Realization range with the Star Wars and Marvel licensed samurai figures!We will find in the course of the year, we hope to see for 2019, the famous golden protocol droid that can be seen in all Star Wars movies (except spin-offs) C3-PO! As for Marvel, we will find Wolverine in very big claws mode.   Tamashii Nations is also preparing to offer a new line of DieCast miniatures, featuring Marvel superheroes.With a very simple design and few joints, they are rather Kawaii!Freshly announced too, the Harry Potter collection in Figuarts. Repeating the main protagonists: Harry, Hermione and Ron, this series looks really nice for all fans of the wizard and the world of Hogwarts!Scheduled for this end of the year we hope!    Thanks to the sites AmiAmi and Fulguro Pop for the images.

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