21 févr.

After Funko, we focus on upcoming news from Kidrobot and Super 7, putting a layer on Funko!

Still a lot of nice pieces from Kidrobot, especially about the Dunny!A new series for the Simpsons, centered on Moe and Duff beer fans, a second Adventure Time series and a reissue of Dunny Futurama among others! Regarding the 8 inch Dunnies, we will have the right to a Godmachine Devil Dunny from the Arcane Divination collection, an original Dunny from Johnny Draco and many more!Regarding Super 7, the brand continues to modernize the universe of Masters of the Universe and to adapt the iconic characters of Pop Culture in ReAction mode.
Finally, Funko will also offer a new range of figurines inspired by the plastic He-Man and consort!We will have the right to Thundercats, the most famous villains from horror movies such as Freddy or Jason, and Conan the Barbarian, perfect for this style! What would you like to see happen on the site?

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