Octoyber 2021: Five French accounts to follow
05 octo.
Octoyber 2021: Five French accounts to follow

October often arrives with its share of disillusion: the rain, the days which are getting shorter, the leaves of the trees which are starting to fall, the stock of family candies which will give up the ghost at the time of Halloween, in short a month full of sadness for people who love the sun, party and good humor. As a result, October has traditionally become a month of creation on the Internet with, for example, Inktober, which allows multiple artists to show their arts via one work per day with an imposed theme.

But since designers, painters and other sculptors don't have a monopoly on fun, today we're going to talk to you about Octoyber. The concept is broadly the same, one theme imposed per day during the 31 that make up this tenth month of the year. Except that instead of creating from scratch, the goal here will be to take pictures of toys.

With the #octoyber, you will find a multitude of photos, each one cooler than the next, on the various social networks. To help you navigate this ocean of content, we have selected 5 French Instagram accounts (hello chauvinism) that will allow you to fully enjoy this event and why not motivate you to get started.

Kevin Joyeux (@kerbans)

Regular collaborator of Artoyz for years and emeritus photographer, Kevin regularly helps us to fill our various social networks with pretty photos. For this Octoyber, he got off to a flying start with a sublime photo of the Miles Morales figurine by Sentinel.

French Toy Love (@french_toy_love)

Radio host, columnist for Rockyrama, TV presenter, Joe Hume has more than one string to his bow. One of them is a passion for photography of toys and especially superhero figurines. If the framing and the poses are impeccable, what makes these photos so striking, it is the enormous work on the moods and the lights.

Gregoire Hellot (@goldengreg_)

Monument of the video games press at Joystick, Joypad then Gamekult, co-creator of France Five, presenter of the excellent program "Butin de Nerd", columnist in "Gaijin Dash" collection director at Kurokawa, Gregoire Hellot is a man with multifaceted. The one that interests us here is that of the toy enthusiast, a passion that he photographs regularly on his Instagram account with a small specialty on the mixtures of universes.

Arkeo Toys (@arkeotoys)

If you hang out on YouTube for a bit, you are bound to know Arkeo Toys, a talented videographer who reveals the secrets of many toys from your childhood. This year, he took to Octoyber with his own hashtag #OcToyberArkeo. To illustrate this account, the choice of photo was obvious since there is the sublime Sentai Maria by Soasig Chamaillard.

Valzuji (@Valzuji)

If she announced not to do all the themes of this year, Valzuji selects those that interest her the most to deliver pictures full of grace. Here, we are particularly fond of Boba Fett of day 4, and in particular of its incredible colorimetry.