Pop Porn
30 mars
Pop Porn

Today released the new version of "A wood awakening". The perfect opportunity to talk about buttocks, sex and rascality in the world of Toy design.

What if on this cold March afternoon, we turned up the temperature a bit to talk about buttocks, erection, pranks and other jokes that morals disapprove of? If we were in a bad dissertation, I could start this article with "Sex at all times" as the act is at the base of all life, but is also an undeniable source of fascination from antiquity to Rabelais via the Marquis de Sade, l'origine du monde, cinema, Manara or even cyberpornography. But my student years are now behind me and, although a mediocre student, I have learned that a good introduction can never start with "Always" so let's not waste time and sail to places where lust is. Queen. Historically, there is a very strong link between sex and cinema. As early as Edison’s Kinetoscope in 1888, we see reels of naughty films (women undressing to the point of being in tights and swimsuits, supreme audacity at the time). We can also cite "bedtime for the bride" which is presented as the first French erotic film. The pitch is simple, a young bride undresses behind a screen while her husband awaits her, feverishly. But the cult period that brought the 7th art to cloud 9 are the 1970s with on the one hand the Deep Throat of 1972 which enshrined Linda Lovelace as the first Pornstar, but also Emmanuelle in 1974 which totaled more than 50 million entries. These successes, coupled with the sexual revolution of 1968, made that the cinema for adults is in full expansion at this time. It is therefore natural that the state legislates and censors the posters of these films. No explicit image should be shown. What could be an absurd constraint which empties the posters of their charms, will in reality be a boon for the graphic designers of this medium. Whimsical typographies, more than explicit title ("Orgy on the high seas"), free provocations, but also visual research are therefore on the program of these testament posters of a bygone era. A very nice book on the subject is also available under the title "Graphic Orgies. "


Bolstered by this development, adult cinema will soon contaminate other fields, particularly animation. From Fritz the Cat to Tarzoon, the shame of the jungle to Belladonna of sadness, all have in common to have been entitled to the classification X because of their explicit sex scenes. This liberation of mores in the cartoon is a frontal response to an empire that already reigned supreme at the time: Disney. Like Tintin for the comic strip, the characters of the heroes of Burbank annoy artists. Sanitized and prudish, they reflect a somewhat dated and reactionary art from which it is time to come out. Several decades have passed and nothing has changed regarding the taboo on sexuality at Disney.

So, at the Toy designers, we thought about how to add a little vice to this too clean table. This is how Dirty Snow and A Wood Awakening appeared. The first figure shows a Snow White taking off her dress as a bird tries to keep the princess a minimum of privacy using a spray paint. The second is centered on Pinocchio and represents him waking up, arms outstretched, in full yawn. The little twist to this well-known character is that it's not his nose that grows, but his crotch. Sassy but not vulgar, this figurine comes in several editions and the very latest of it (BFF edition) has just arrived on our site and adds Jiminy Cricket to this rude awakening.


Finally, how not to conclude such an article without talking about the Dikku-san Series. These blind boxes bear the effigy of penises which are decorated for the occasion in alcoholic, sumo, businessman ... A must have for all lovers of burlesque.

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