PoOl releases Droopy Mouse with Mighty Jaxx !
07 nove.
PoOl releases Droopy Mouse with Mighty Jaxx !

Irreverent and stylish, the figurine of French is very promising.

Newcomer to Mighty Jaxx's team of artists, the Parisian artist PoOl isn't new to the world of art toys, on the contrary. Passionate about graffiti and hip-hop, he infuses each of his figurines with contemporary touches. Moreover, his new figure, Droopy Mouse, is a direct nod to pop culture because it uses Mickey Mouse.

This famous character, who lags behind his daily responsibilities, takes a great look once in Pool hands. Revisited paisley pattern in bandana, belted waist red trousers and triple "z" as tattooed under the eye (because he's tired), Droopy Mouse has a bad boy side ! Heart stroke assured for this 8" toy sold at $149 in pre-sale on the Mighty Jaxx website.

Credits : Pool/ Mighty Jaxx

Source : Pool