PROPAGANDA by Ron English!
05 déce.
PROPAGANDA by Ron English!

At Artoyz, we love Toys and we love Artists. Among them, Ron English, engaged artist conveying real messages of society.

A little bit of a reminder about the identity of the character: Ron English is an American artist born in 1959 in Chicago, a follower of Urban Art and user of Culture Jamming, which can be translated as sabotage or cultural diversion, that he simply named Propaganda. The Fans that you are all know his works. Since the birth of Artoyz, we have been offering Ron English figurines on the Shop. From his beginnings with diverted posters and elaborate paintings, he plays with the iconography of multinationals, popular culture or art history like Joe Camel, McDonalds, Vincent van Gogh or the Mickey Mouse mouse by staging them so that she is used against the values ​​she is supposed to represent.Recently he continues to tackle the "junk food" with his series of Cereal Killers, mixing cartoony characters grain packages in drugged, diabetic and obese!Ron English is truly a complete artist transmitting strong and current messages with light notes sometimes.Find some of his artistic work on his site.

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