Rick & Morty in jeopardy!
20 mars
Rick & Morty in jeopardy!

Everyone knows the Adult Swim series "Rick & Morty", the story of a Grandfather, Rick, completely stranded alive sidereal and staggering adventures with his little son Morty!

It seems that the channel Adult Swim did not renew the series for a fourth season ... Its creator Dan Harmon answered a surfer on the subject:"I understand, it's a difficult subject, and on the one hand, it's a real challenge, especially when one is paralyzed by alcoholism, to write a series that has not been commissioned by a chain. On the other hand, think that fans like you will pay the price ... I mean ... I'm going to get a drink. "Hoping that Netflix takes the baby and especially Dan Harmon is better ... We cross our fingers!

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