Sales Guide: big promotions
22 juil.
Sales Guide: big promotions

In the big mess that is the sales period, there are the small discounts, 5% here, 10% there and then there are the big promotions. Here we offer you a small non-exhaustive panel of our big discounts, from 50% to -70%.

-60% off Funko Pop

After years at the top of the toy world, is it still necessary to present the Funko Pop? A small body, a big head from hundreds of universes from pop culture. Take advantage of this period to complete your collection!

- 60% off Quarrybay

Michael Lau is crazy about football, he is even crazy about it. So in 2006 he created 12 sets of 2 5.5 inch figures representing countries participating in Mundial 2006. Only 99 sets of each were edited, and Michael Lau gave 50 to his friends, I'll let you count on just about how many remain available for sale!

Toxic Candies at half price

The Toxic Candies by Stéphane Levallois are available at half price. So find the Berry, Pomme d'amour and the marge mallow at a very low price. In addition, no risk of toothache with these figurines.

-50% on Chaos Kong

Bunka is the illustrator with whom we produced our very first toy in 2008. And a few years ago, a new character appeared: here is the imposing CHAOS KONG. This primate, adorned with huge sideburns, retains the distinctive elements of Bunka's monkeys: exemplary and perfectly enhanced teeth, ground support thanks to strong arms, an intoxicating look almost hypnotic, little ears as cute as they are. effective all in a silhouette with round lines with an exaggerated skull.

Mickey Mouse MAF - Jack Sparrow

After the VCD (Vinyl Collectable Dolls) version of Mickey made up as Jack Sparrow by Medicom, let's find the pirate of the Caribbean in an Action Figure version for the MAF (Miracle Action Figure) collection. This piece is hyper articulated (18 points of articulation!), Which will allow you to have this character in an infinite number of staggered positions and to recreate, why not, the scenes of the film. In his lovely window box, Mickey is dressed like a pirate, leaning on his sword, displaying ostentatious adornments and jewelry.