Shi-Shi The Tiny Guardian, the latest project from Bigshot Toys
22 juil.
Shi-Shi The Tiny Guardian, the latest project from Bigshot Toys

We no longer present Bigshot Toys whose figurines are always a success but we want to present its latest figurne.

Shi-Shi The Tiny Guardian, a name as adorable as the character he represents. With his round eyes, small teeth and candid look, Shi-Shi works to make us crack. But what is the story of this guardian like no other ?

At the entrance of the Forbidden City in China are stone lions whose function is to protect the cities and temples, they are called "Shi". These majestic guardians hide many secrets, perhaps some are even under their paws. Shi-Shi would be one of those little protective stone lions with magical powers but in a baby version. With his tender face Shi-Shi The Tiny Guardian bring us in a fantasy world where the sense of duty is the law.

With this "epic" creation, Bigshot Toys reinterprets a traditional Chinese element with creativity, fineness and humor, highlighting the work of designer Klim Kozinevich. If we are already caught by the Shi-Shi design we will have to wait because it's not product yet. Indeed, Bigshot Toys launches for this project a fundraising Kickstarter campaign to develop in several formats its new character. Contributors will be able to choose among miniature figurines in blind boxes - of 4 different colors - and two different sculpts. On one side a 4" Sofubi figure (in 7 different colors including an exclusive Gold Glitter on Kickstarter) and on the other a 6" resin figurine.

All visible on the account Kickstarter Bigshot, these Shi-Shi also had their hour of glory this weekend at Comic-Con in a blue version, totally exclusive to the show that we hope to find very soon in the range Shi -Shi The Tiny Guardian by Bigshot Toys.

Credits : Bigshot Toys 

Source : Bigshot Toys

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