Sleepy Mc Kongrit, the funny figure from Kaze Studio
24 mars
Sleepy Mc Kongrit, the funny figure from Kaze Studio

You will no longer want to rush to fast food

We are constantly told that fast food is not good for us, obviously Kaze Studio wants to remind us in its own way with Bang. With its Mc Kongrit, name using that of the famous burgers with the brand starting with an M, Kaze Studio kicks the anthill of its reasturants who seem to create an infernal spiral. Eat, fall asleep, eat, fall asleep, eat, eat, eat... Disguised as Ronald, M brand's mascot, this poor Kongrit becomes a bit narcoleptic.

Be aware that this is not the first time that you see Kongrit. Kaze Studio had already presented it before making a Sleepy version. You probably know the version where Kongrit is already made up as a fast food restaurant seller but did you know that he was inspired by an older and larger figurine ? This time Kongrit seems really in a glycemic coma. Fast food or junk food, same fight for Kaze Studio who warns as much as he has amused by this - bad - eating habit.

Credits : Kaze Studio

Source : The Toy Chronicle