Sotheby's x Highsnobiety, the classic-street collaboration
24 janv.
Sotheby's x Highsnobiety, the classic-street collaboration

If you expected that... and it's very beautiful !

Art and fashion merge and combine for the greatest happiness of all. Once again the magic operates with a surprising collaboration between the auction house Sotheby's and the highly focused streetwear magazine Highsnobiety. At the border of disciplines is this collaboration which takes up residence in clothes with loose and unisex cuts. About the patterns, it's obviously about art with a slew of great classic masters like Botticelli, whose works come dressed in hoodies, t-shirts and caps.

From a sale called Old Masters, these works create a bold contrast with his very contemporary clothes. To highlight them, clothes play the black and white card with colorful and very graphic text. Be assured here no price exceeding 125 €, the idea being to democratize art and invite it into your daily life. To discover this collection of Sotheby's x Highsnobiety art-to-wearjust go here !

Credits : Sotheby's / Highsnobiety / José Cuevas 

Source : Highsnobiety