Super7 x UNKLE
30 déce.
Super7 x UNKLE

To end the year 2017 in style, we present the latest range of Re-Action Figure Super 7 which is a collab between the brand and UNKLE!

To celebrate the release of UNKLE's Psyence Fiction album in 1998, James Lavelle released a limited number of UNKLE77 resin figurines.The figurines quickly became an object of collection, but unfortunately for them, they were very fragile.To celebrate the 25th anniversary of UNKLE, Lavelle took over the molds and collaborated with the Super7 manufacturer based in San Francisco to recreate the figures. Already out of stock, Super 7 has the very good idea to repropose the figurines in clothes of light this time!If we talk about all this, it is that we have good news to announce you: we will receive them !!!Still a little patience, they soon arrive on the site!

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