Teddy Troop Series by Otto Bjornik
14 nove.
Teddy Troop Series by Otto Bjornik

At the last Designer Con, the artist Otto Bjornik blew us away with his custom Teddy Troops 2.0!

Accustomed to monochrome, Otto Bjornik began to color to the delight of collectors and enthusiasts of Toys! After having realized his chess game for Kidrobot, the artist proposed during the Designer Con last weekend, customs of all beauties based on our collaboration with Flying Förtress, the Teddy Troops 2.0!
Nicknamed The Woodland Bear Troops, The Camo Troops, The Honey Bear Troops and The Care Bear Troops, each Teddy Trooper was priced at $ 120.We could follow his work on his Instagram page, a real mastery of the brush!
Now it's up to you to show us what you are capable of! ;-)

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