Focus on The Art of Mondo
14 déce.
Focus on The Art of Mondo

Warning warning !!! We have just received an exceptionally monumental work! "The Art of Mondo" is THE BOOK for all lovers of the 7th Art and Pop Culture!

Based in Texas, in the city of Austin, Mondo has become, over time, the reference for revisited poster lovers. Offering posters, but also disks, pins, clothes, figurines, society touches everything!The publisher Huginn & Muninn had the good idea to release this collection of posters for this end of the year.
Bringing together the most beautiful posters of different talented artists, we find what makes the essence of Mondo: a mix between modernity and tradition, vintage and contemporary. Find posters like Mickey Fantasia (Jeff Soto), Gremlins (Ken Taylor), Jurassic Park (Francesco Francavilla), Jaws (Laurent Durieux), Scream (Alex Pardee) or the Goonies (Tyler Stout). With these 356 pages on the clock, it's really the Must Have for those who have no room on their wall or fans of beautiful posters!

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