The Chibi Rainbow Six figures are back!
22 mai
The Chibi Rainbow Six figures are back!

Let's go for a second wave of chibi agents! Find again, the iconic characters of the game Rainbow Six Siege on the site of Ubisoft!

Once again, Ubisoft has trusted us and we are proud to present the second wave of agents to join the official Six Collection.Five new figurines (Hibana, Jäger, Sledge, Thermite and Valkyrie) created from agents and weapon pendants of the game are on pre-sale on the site of Ubi.High 10 cm, each figure has a unique code to unlock exclusive content in the game Rainbow Six Siege.There is also a nice excluded on the site, if you order the 5 figures, you will receive the agent Valkyrie in Gold version!It happens directly on the Ubistore!

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