The Chicago Bullies!
09 févr.
The Chicago Bullies!

Pre-sales of "Three King" are open! But who are hiding behind this beautiful set of Fools Paradise?

Fools Paradise had already given us a magnificent figurine of Legendary Michael Jordan, the brand recurrence by completing the famous Chicago Bulls n ° 23 of his 2 teammates Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen!
Swarming with details, the figures are accompanied by several basketballs and especially an alternative head decorated with horns as the mythical logo of the Bulls!Iconically named TWO THREE for Jordan, NINE ONE for Rodman and THREE THREE for Pippen, this matches the numbers on the team.The manufacturer Fools Paradise has already accustomed us to figurines of very high quality in a beautiful style. Pre-sales have just opened.The complete set THREE KING will be proposed at $ 808, limited to 288 sets worldwide and scheduled for the second quarter of 2018 on the site of Fools Paradise.

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