The Midas Touch by Case Studyo x Hajime Sorayama
25 juil.
The Midas Touch by Case Studyo x Hajime Sorayama

Case Studyo has gold at fingertips with this new collaboration...

After having achieved "A Touch of Mercury" in 2018, Case Studyo returns to the side of Hajime Sorayama with the interpretation of Midas: "The Midas Touch". This is the story... To thank Midas for having saved Silenus, Dionysus offered him to make a wish, this one chooses to be able to turn everything into gold, a curse in the end. To illustrate this story so gold, the artist Hajime Sorayama and Case Studyo chose to represent a robotic forearm raising the middle finger.

Often working on the relationship between the machine and the man, Sorayama renews the subject by pointing out the inevitable complexity implied by technology. The robot would therefore turn against its creator in an ultimate gesture of revolt rather rock'n roll. Cool, sexy and attractive with its gold coating, The Midas Touch fascinates. Its futuro-disco look is undeniable, it is surely due to its gold-plated porcelain composition. 

This 33 cm sculpture, published in 100 copies only, is delivered in a wooden box that contains a numbered and signed certificate of Hajime Sorayama. Go on Case Studyo website.  
Credits : Case Studyo/ Hajime Sorayama
Source : Case Studyo/ Hajime Sorayama

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