The Mini Egg Attack Series X-Men is available in Artoyz !
11 octo.
The Mini Egg Attack Series X-Men is available in Artoyz !

Emblematic and major in the Marvel universe, the X-Men reinvent themselves at Beast Kingdom...

Fans or curious, this new Marvel series can only intrigue you. If the entire crew X-Men isn't present there are several main charcaters from comic book released in 1963. Almost 60 years that these heroes of a new genre are integrated into the pop landscape with characters with strong personnality ! Gathered and federated by Charles Xavier, the X-Men are mutants with many powers more or less controllable. We explain ourselves.

Absolute leader, Wolverine is nonetheless the result of an experimentation of the army wanting to make him a weapon. With its steel claws and over-human strength, he's very dangerous. Fortunately he plays with the good guys... For the Mini Egg Attack series, Wolverine puts on the yellow and blue suit he wears in the comic book. And it's not the only one since Cyclope too is presented in figurine faithful to the comic book. The lover of Jean Gray, iconic by his helmet with ruby ​​quartz glasses, is one of the best-known and most appreciated X-Men. It must be said that he is as heroic as powerful, catching up his dark hours as a young mutant.

Beast Kingdom couldn't make the figurine of Cyclops without that of Jean Gray... finally Dark Phoenix which is the dark version of Phoenix who took possesion of the body of Jean Gray. Bye bye, the kind girlfriend of Cyclops, hello the usurper influenced by Mastermind. With her fiery hair and her red and gold costume, she is a must. Finally if we were to name only one super-villain among the X-Men it would be Magneto. Friend-foe Charles Xavier, the one whose magnetic power is so intense that it is almost invincible, remains an iconic character. Well it is dangerous but we can not help but be fascinated. You will get your idea from the 10 cm figure that represents it.

Beast Kingdom has well seen again with this series X-Men that doesn't fail to revive great Marvel moments, well imbued in pop culture. Discover the 4 figures of the Mini Egg Attack Series on our site !

Credits : Beast Kingdom

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