The News Toy Fair Pop! from New York!
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The News Toy Fair Pop! from New York!

It's all hot, Funko has revealed his brand new Pop! at the Toy Fair in New York. We take stock!

As Funko's motto says, "Everyone is a fan of something!", The brand once again demonstrated at the New York Toy Fair, a trade fair for industry professionals.We find the usual licenses, such as Disney or Marvel: Between Black Panther (or rather T'Challa) and the characters from the mobile game Marvel Future Fight, through the Disney Classics as Aladdin, Hercules not to mention the Pixar characters from Monsters & Cie and newcomers from Vaiana.Funko continues its momentum by proposing Pop! well-known singers or bands such as Ed Sheeran, Alice Cooper and even "Weird Al" Yankovic as well as members of the Mötley Crüe! Pop! from Movies and TV Series will not be left out! We will also meet Game of Thrones, Stranger Things ... For movies we will have Jurassic World, Grease, IT Funko will also offer a series of Pop! Saturday Night Live and especially the duo Justin Timberlake and Andy Samberg representing their musical sketch "Dick in a Box"! We will end up with Pop! Video games like the beautiful Lara Croft Which ones will you crack ?! Tell us the ones you would like to find on the site!

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