The October Bearbrick Arrival Has Arrived
14 octo.
The October Bearbrick Arrival Has Arrived

There are immutable things in life: spring then summer then fall and winter, the euphoria of the weekend being replaced by the blues of Monday morning, the parade of July 14, in short. events that punctuate the years without ever changing. At artoyz what sets the pace, among other things, our years, are the arrivals of Bearbrick.

Penultimate arrival of the year, it seems important to present it to you.

Still waiting for the third movie of Gremlins from Hollywood, we can still enjoy this nice 1000% Gizmo, eternal hero from the cult flick The Gremlins.Don't forget : never feed him after Midnight and don't put it under water.And since this Bearbrick 1000% is extraordinary, it is in its costume version, and therefore full of hair.Unfortunately already sold out on the site, it is rumored that there are a few copies left in the store.

Hideaki Anno's anime is reinterpreted again and this time by Medicom ! Released in 1995, the series features Shinji Ikari who must pilot an Eva, a sort of mechanical giant, who takes part - on the right side - in a post-apocalyptic war around the 2000s.We find here EVA-01 in a 1000% Bearbrick and in Awakening Version.

Medicom was founded in 1996 by Tatsuhiko Akashi, while he was working in IT. Quickly, he created a figurine called the Kubrick, in the form of Lego and in tribute to Stanley Kubrick.It was such a success that the organizers of the World Character Convention in Tokyo asked Akashi to design “Toys” in 2001. A multitude of requests followed and faced with the impossibility of meeting them, Akashi decided to create a unique articulated model which, like a canvas, will serve as a support for the various creations. So he decides to put a bear on Kubrick's head - the teddy bear was celebrating its 100th birthday in 2001 - and that's how the Be@rbrick was born! 20 years later, Medicom decides to pay tribute to his favorite figurine by releasing the very first model of Bearbrick, but in White Chrome version.

Wallace and Gromit is undoubtedly the license which gave the stop motion (animation in frame by frame). Imagine, in 4 short films and one feature, the adventures of the eccentric inventor and his dog won 3 Oscars. A record that leaves one dreaming and which will allow Aardman animation to enter dark rooms with Chicken Run at the start of the third millennium.

Originally a comic book by Garth Enis, The Boys narrates the adventures of super heroes who are absolutely nothing great, which are rots over, thieves, liars, killers and the reactions of normal humans to this threat. Since 2019, the work has been adapted in series by Amazon prime video, and with success. Violent, excellently played with in particular Antony Starr that we had already seen in Banshee, and above all very well written, the series quickly becomes the spearhead of the platform.

William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, are the founders of Hanna-Barbera Productions in 1950, a company that will produce among others The Flintstones, Wacky Races, and Scooby Doo. But before the Hanna-Barbera adventure, our two friends created a series that quickly became cult: Tom & Jerry. Slapstick comedy like Road Runner and Wile E. Coyote, the series is based on two main protagonists: Tom, the house cat, and Jerry, the mischievous mouse. With each encounter, it is a devastating whirlwind that sets in with all that this entails of cartoony violence and accidents. Two feature films, twenty video games, 13 telefilmes, 7 academy awards, and 163 short films later, it is obvious that this cartoon has not usurped its cult status.

The 80's and 90's were marked by basketball and especially by incredible players like Magic Johnson, whose rivalry with Larry Bird was as marked in people's minds as his performances on the field. Five times NBA champion between 1980 and 1908, each time with the Lakers the 2.06 m basketball player is now personified in this 400% + 100% Bearbrick set.

Each new series is an event, which is why this series 42 is so eagerly awaited! On the program, licenses known as Frankenstein or Minions, Basquiat, NBA, the flag of Dubai, Masashi and many others. 15 mini figurines that take up the must-haves of pop culture, to collect without moderation.

Hey! Bea@rbrick Blister Booards are baaaaaaack!!!And it's a special Blister Board's edition for the 20th Be@rbrick Anniversary. You can range 45 Be@rs into it.Let's tidy up!

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