Tokidoki novelties are available on the site !
26 nove.
Tokidoki novelties are available on the site !

Good news ! You are waiting for them and they are there: new Tokidoki toys.

You finally can shop all the new Tokidoki figurines and believe us there are many. You will have the pleasure to discover the series Mermicorno series 4 with Pitaya, Inky, Luminosa, Neptune, Corallina & Pacifica, Patita, Lotus and Cavialina, his new characters. But maybe your desire to create will take the step and you will succumb to the Mermicorno white DIY, to let your creativity fully express itself. It will also highlight your Unicornos from series 8 ! These little unicorn ponies are back in a series always colorful.

Original patterns await you with Cosmico, Pluma, Medusa, Nectarina, Odette, Olivia, Fauna, Porcellana, Quartzy and Starlina & Supernova, the new characters of this adorable series. What to contrast with Little Terrors who puts real little terrors to work. From the vampire to the Little Jaws (a nod to the mythical work of the 70's), this series will make you shiver... of happiness. Cactuses have never been so sweet with the Cactus Bunnies series featuring rabbits with a zesty character! Impossible to resist ... Just like the last three series of our novelties: Sushi Cars Minis, Donutella Minis and Supermarket Besties, all three placed under the sign of gluttony.

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Credits : Artoyz / Tokidoki 

Source : Tokidoki