We tell you more about Devilo Erectus, our latest figurine with Mist
16 sept.
We tell you more about Devilo Erectus, our latest figurine with Mist

D-2 before you can get our latest art toy in collaboration with French artist Mist. Focus on this little devil of Devilo Erectus !

If you know our work you surely know that this is not our first collaboration Artoyz Originals x Mist. Remember Lucius. This figurine had allowed us to highlight the work of Mist while highlighting his love and our love of art toys. It was therefore 4 years earlier that the idea of ​​a new collaboration with the creation of a character a bit more irreverent and expressive than Lucius sprang up. In fact, many of you have discovered the prototype of Devilo Erectus at Comic-Con Paris 2016 and many have wondered why it took so long.

The reason is simple. Devilo Erectus is more complex in terms of production because of its articulation and its balance given by its tail. On the other hand, there have been some quality concerns with the mussels. So you can imagine we wanted it to be perfect. And for good reason, as usual, Mist played on a strong chromatic palette, pop, dazzling mixed with soft lines and pointed ends, his signature. It was necessary that every detail explode with finesse so that Devilo Erectus could be part of the continuity of his work, always inspired by diabolical little characters.

But now the wait is over ! You will finally be able to order one of the 200 copies of Devilo Erectus that we release this Wednesday. SPOILER ALERT: it won't be the only color. You will need a little patience to discover, throughout the coming months, the other 4 colors that - believe us - are just as bright.

From the top of its 8", Devilo Erectus is displayed at the price of 89,90 € and is sold in a box with the drawing of Mist ! A double pleasure for the fans of the artist.

See you on Wednesday 18 September at 1pm on our website !

Credits : MIST / ARTOYZ

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