Who remembers the Garbage Pail Kids?
15 déce.
Who remembers the Garbage Pail Kids?

Do you remember Garbage Pail Kids? That bunch of ugly, disgusting, disgusting girls and boys ?! We received the reissue of these controversial stickerss by Huginn & Muninn!

For the nostalgic that we are, the publisher Huginn & Muninn had the good idea to publish a book gathering the best thumbnails of Garbage Pail Kids in their original version better known here under the name of Crados in France!We find Mathieu the disgusting, Robin of the Fingers, Renée Morvoné, but also Gaston Boutons, Bad Helene, Frédéric Atomic, Armelle Fly, Émile Émile, Agnès head-of-buttocks and many others ... True societal phenomena of the late 1980s, the Garbage Pail Kids have marked generations of fascinated children and upset parents. collector You will find in this book the preface of their unsuspecting creator: Art Spiegelman, the author of Maus! Just that!Cherry on the rubbish heap, exclusively for the French version you will also find the press release of the Cousteau Foundation which launched the controversy against the Garbage Pail KidsA small bonus, a Youtube video of Arkeo Toys explains everything you need to know about the origins and controversies of Garbage Pail Kids!

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