Years Adrift the new poetic series by Coarse
08 août
Years Adrift the new poetic series by Coarse

One more news for Coarse with the upcoming release of one of the craziest piece of the moment.

Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk, artists behind Coarse, once again surprised Instagram by presenting their last two figures : Years Adrift Ephemera and Years Adrift Pain. Evocative names that are matched only by the poetry that emerges from these figurines, one in color, the other in black & white.

If the two have in common this position sometimes thinking of Christ on the cross, sometimes the myth of Icarus - who burns his wax wings flying too close to the sun - they are also the metaphor of uncertainty and indecision. In this position, Fever is at the edge of a precipice, physically symbolized by a white and neutral support. Being one with the goose, whose wings he spreads parallel to his arms, Fever is torn between receding or flying. It is impossible for anyone not to identify with him when a decision must be made with this perpetual fear of being wrong.

Ephemera is distinguished by its colorful accents with green hair and Fever's purple underwear when Pain, charged with darkness and pessimism, shows us the bleeding goose on the chest and feet of the character. Two versions with beauty that doesn't fail to arouse our interest in the Years Adrift series.Coarse catch us with these figurines of a rare esthetic and symbolic power which make it one of their most beautiful successes but also the essentials of 2019.

Available from August 14, Ephemera and Pain will be sold at a price of $298 and respectively published at 345 and 175 pieces.

Credits : Coarse

Source : Coarse

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