Toybox Time Machine, a catalog of the Coolest Toys Never Made

Idw Publishing

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"Back to basics" could we say looking at Marty Baumann's book: Toybox Time Machine, a catalog of coolest toys never made. If all seems to be said in the title, the promises of nostalgia are held with these illustrations imbued with the unbridled imagination of toy designers who were inspired by robots, movie monsters, comics and soldiers that children loved to create incredible commercials. Presented in catalogs, comic books, trading cards, pharmacies and department stores, these illustrations gave rise to an abundant creation that Marty Baumann extrapolated. By imagining and illustrating fictional toys, he carries us into a world of colors, typography and graphic codes fun and optimistic.

And if his style tells you something, it's normal cause' Marty Baumann also works as an illustrator at Pixar and Disney on projects like Toy Story 3, Zootopia or Cars 2.

  • Height : 27.50 cm
  • Width : 18.50 cm
  • Depth : 1.70 cm
  • Designer : Marty Baumann
  • Producer : Idw Publishing
  • Number of pages : 164
  • Universe : Toy Books
  • Simplified color : Multicolore
Toybox Time Machine, a catalog of the Coolest Toys Never Made