VCD Getter-1


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Robot and luxury figurines lovers : this is for you! Here are two figures from the high quality VCD (Vinyl Collectible Dolls) range from Medicom. Welcome to the Getter-1 and Black Getter.

Created by Gō Nagai (yes again!), Getter-1 is an assembly of 3 Getter Robots (in this order: Eagle / Jaguar and Bear, otherwise you will have another mecha) and is piloted by Ryoma Nagare. They were created to fight against the Dinosaur Empire.

Following the Great Moon Wars, the Getter-1 was damaged. Ryoma repaired it and made some modifications, especially on the knees and the face. He looks a lot more impressive. Its black color is due to its entry into the Earth's atmosphere.

The paintings, the translucent inserts in honeycomb are breathtaking. The quality of Medicom's VCD miniatures is still at the rendez-vous.

Do not wait too much because we do not have many quantities!

  • Reference : MEDVCDGTTR1
  • Height : 30 cm
  • Packaging : Window Box
  • Designer : Go Nagai
  • Producer : Medicom (Jap)
  • Simplified color : Red
VCD Getter-1