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Beastie Head Purple Edition

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Following the French Lowrider, Alëxone offered us a new challenge: the Beastie Head. Initially sculpted by Yomek, this massive penguin with charming eyes and rockabilly soul, with a banana hair cut made with a weasel, pushed us to explore new boundaries in terms of production. Of course Beastie Head loves music as his smiling headset testifies.

We find in Beastie Head all the work of Alëxone whether it is his bestiary with the penguin, the weasel, the dog birds. But also we enjoy this composition that is offered to our eyes and can be appreciated from all angles without forgetting of course the chromatic explorations so particular to the artist and a sense of humor always present.

Unlike previous editions of the label, Beastie Head is distinguished by its material, the exclusivity of its limitations and chromatic complexity. For the first time, Artoyz Originals offers you a resin sculpture. These versions will come in 6 different versions: green, orange, purple, blue, gold and red. Each 6 versions is limited to 50 pieces. Only 45 pieces of each version will be sold. This makes it the most exclusive edition ever published by Artoyz Originals.

Beastie Head is also pretty unique to us as its size is over 30 cm and weights about 6 kgs. It comes in a nice box with a wooden certificate signed an numbered by the artist.

About Alëxone : 

Alëxone is, above all, a style easily recognizable from the first glance. Games of colors, material, atypical characters, word games, shift ... the young thirty-something oscillates between urban poetry and timid majesty. His surreal characters are staged in a colorful and crazy world where reigns a sweet madness. Haloed penguins, fire-breathing horses, and other barred-eyed dogs make up a crazy, chaotic bestiary. These animals are real graphic elements that mutate and whose meaning varies from one canvas to another.

If we examine Alëxone's talent under the microscope, we will find in his works the influence of graffiti, pop culture, comics, Byzantine art and illustration. Far from the indocile homage, d'Alëxone conjures as much the everyday icons as the big paintings, all with a touch of humor and irony that we find in the title of his works. Humor is a way for the public to enter the picture and is a way for Alëxone to play with the viewer and thus create a proximity. This second rare and precious degree, allows Alexone to keep a lightness in the most serious work.

The detailed universe of Alëxone requires to observe and examine his paintings to analyze them. However, there is no specific entry, everything is allowed, several readings are possible. In addition to playing with the superposition, transparency and volumes Alëxone has fun with the media. He works as well with bourgeois fabric as with photographs ...

This mixture of genres is also found in his more original collaborations than the others. They are an integral part of his artistic work. To be where it does not wait ... Alëxone surprises and innovates over the course of its meetings. It can be found in the world of fashion with printed t-shirts and slippers for children; or collaborating with Yomek for bronze sculptures. or with Michelin-starred Chef Christian Sinicropi, who offers à la carte of his restaurant "la Palme d'Or", a dish of langoustine served under a penguin bell Ceramic ...

To quote Oxmo Puccino, Alëxone is a "great of this world", a rare and precious character, and we bet that his crazy world will crack more than a wise varnish.

  • Reference : AOALX1BEASTPPL
  • Height : 33 cm
  • Packaging : Box
  • Designer : Alëxone
  • Limited Edition : 45 + 5
  • Producer : Artoyz Originals
  • Technique : Resin
  • Universe : Alëxone
  • Simplified color : Violet
Beastie Head Purple Edition