Riobot Grendizer & Spazer Set (Grendizer)


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Here is a major newcomer in the Riobot line developped by Sen-Ti-Nel! This is a new Riobot Grendizer and Spazer Set. This is a very highly engineered piece mixing ABS and Die-Cast parts with tons of complex articulations, LED, accessories... and transformations!

Here is the Deluxe set including the Riobot Grendizer and the Spazer and trust me the Spazer is clearly not here just to be beautiful. Of course you can put the Grendizer inside the Spazer, but that was pretty obvious... The real new thing is that the Spazer can transform into massive articulated arms that can plug in the back of the Grendizer... And once you said that we hope that you are as excited as we are with this major art piece.

The boxset contains :

- 1 Riobot Grendzier with LED in the retro laser

- The Spazer

- Shoulder boomerang

- Drill missiles

- 3 pairs of extra hands

- 1 pair of overleg and overshoes to improve stability

- 1 display stand.

  • Reference : SENTRBTGRNSPAZ
  • Height : 18 cm
  • Packaging : Window Box
  • Producer : Sen-ti-nel
  • Universe : Go Nagai
  • Simplified color : Rose
Riobot Grendizer & Spazer Set (Grendizer)