Apple knife : The vegan vampire

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The vampire is a legendary creature whose particularity is to be an undead who feeds on the blood of the living, the living who according to legends can in turn become Vampires.

From the very unsympathetic Vlad the Impaler to Bram Stoker's Dracula through Bela Lugosi and Christopher Lee in the cinema or even the teenagers of Vampire Diaries for the small screen, we can say that if the vampires are everywhere, they drag their batches of clichés which it is impossible to get rid of (sensuality, uncontrollable appetite, doubts and realizations, etc.).

However, this Vegan Vampire is an exception to the rule. What he wants is to sink his teeth into life, without ever drinking the blood of his fellow citizens. Like Jacques Chirac, he is very fond of apples and so here he is sitting over his meal enjoying a wedge of this delicious fruit.

With its removable knife and its 17 cm high, this figurine by Emergency Toys limited to 200 copies, is a sensitive and funny tribute to the vampiric myths that inhabit tales and legends.

  • Reference : EMERVEGAN
  • Height : 17 cm
  • Weight : 0.28 kg
  • Packaging : Window Box
  • Limited Edition : 200 ex
  • Producer : Emergency Toys
  • Simplified color : Multicolore
Apple knife : The vegan vampire