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In 1999, Medicom Toy gives birth to Bearbrick, a little bears with a plump belly that will revolutionize the world of collection figurine. THE BE@RBRICK will impose itself as THE figurine standard at the forefront of all trends.

Made from ABS plastic, the Be@rbrick has a unique shape. With the time new materials have been introduced that it is wood with the Karimoku furniture brand, porcelain, metal in partnership with Royal Selangor And even carbon fiber!

There are different sizes of Be@Rbrick, represented by percentages. The Be@rbrick basic measures 70mm, this is the 100%, but there are in other formats: 50% (keychain), 200%, 400% and 1000%. The 400% 28 cm and 1000% 70 cm are the pieces of choice.

The Bearbrick is like a white canvas on which artists around the world and licenses affix their creations. Among the best known are collaboration with Kaws, Andy Warhol Foundation, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Keith Haring or Disney, Looney Tunes, DC Comics. The Bearbricks are vvailable in 3 formats 100% (7 cm), 400% (28 cm) and 1000% (70 cm).

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Everything about Bearbrick !

Live from Japan!

THE bearbrick of Medicom Toy no longer arise. Ultimate accessory of Hype decoration. THE collections bearbrick separate here in 3. Bearbrick 100% series which measure 7cm. THE Bearbrick 400% which measure 28 cm. And the big ones Bearbrick 1000% which measure 70 cm.

Medicom Toy which is at the origin of Bearbrick to create the perfect terrain for collaborations. The bear is covered with all kinds of patterns from collaboration with a multitude of origins. We find for example Collaborations with Warhol, Basquiat, Sex Pistols, Batman, Mickey, Evangelion, Nujabes, Van Gogh, Snoopy, Kiss, ...

A real mixture in Art and Designer Toys. Decorate your interior with an timeless part coming directly from the supplier. Order without waiting because all the bearbrick are in limited quantities !!