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Article: 123klan / bandit-$ 1 m launches video contest Grand Prix: 2 of the Toyz "Fellastar" by 123klan


123klan / bandit-$ 1 m launches video contest Grand Prix: 2 of the Toyz "Fellastar" by 123klan

123KLAN announced this week the opening of a contest via its brand Bandit-$ 1 m, which will make a small veinard two designer toys of his famous series "felllastar". And to present the competition and its robotic creations, 123KLAN today launches its own stop-motion video! It is available here: From now on and November 29, participants all over the world can submit their video on the theme of "felllastar". And the possibilities are infinite: animation, movie, motion design, stop motion; The only limits are those of YouTube! If the video winning the more views during the duration of the contest will win the Grand Prix, it is also a good opportunity to have fun since the 123KLAN team will offer a jury prize the author of his favorite video! For more information, visit the, or contact Elodie at

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