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Smiski is a brand belonging to the company Dreams Co, founded in 1996 in Japan. Smiski is a funny and playful "ghost". He lives hidden in the corners of the house (behind a book, at the foot of the lamp, on the bedside table ...) we do not see him the light of day, but at nightfall he appears and shines slowly ... You cannot choose the character in particular because with the Smiski the surprise is total but you can choose series which embody each of the themes of everyday or the house ... Say thanks to the Blind Box !

Among the series of Smiski you will have the choice between the series Moving On the theme of the move, Exercising On the theme of fitness, Dressing On the theme of clothing, @Work On the theme of work, Museum in reference to major works of art, Yoga On the theme of the practice of yoga, Bed on the bedroom, Living on the living room, Toilet on the charming theme of WCs or Bath which immerses us in the universe of the bathroom. So there are Smiski figurines for each of your living spaces and every moment of the day!

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Smiski Moving SeriesSmiski Moving Series
Smiski Moving Series Sale price10,90 €
Smiski Exercising SeriesSmiski Exercising Series
Smiski Exercising Series Sale price10,90 €
Smiski Dressing SeriesSmiski Dressing Series
Smiski Dressing Series Sale price10,90 €
Smiski at WorkSmiski at Work
Smiski at Work Sale price10,90 €
Smiski MuseumSmiski Museum
Smiski Museum Sale price10,90 €
Sold outSmiski Cheer SeriesSmiski Cheer Series
Smiski Cheer Series Sale price10,90 €
Smiski - Yoga SeriesSmiski - Yoga Series
Smiski - Yoga Series Sale price10,90 €
Smiski Bed SeriesSmiski Bed Series
Smiski Bed Series Sale price10,90 €
Smiski Living SeriesSmiski Living Series
Smiski Living Series Sale price10,90 €
Smiski Toilet SeriesSmiski Toilet Series
Smiski Toilet Series Sale price10,90 €
Smiski Bath SeriesSmiski Bath Series
Smiski Bath Series Sale price10,90 €
Sold outSmiski Series 4Smiski Series 4
Smiski Series 4 Sale price10,90 €
Sold outSmiski Series 3Smiski Series 3
Smiski Series 3 Sale price10,90 €
Sold outSmiski Series 2Smiski Series 2
Smiski Series 2 Sale price10,90 €
Smiski Series 1Smiski Series 1
Smiski Series 1 Sale price10,90 €