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Welcome to the world of Tokidoki by Simone Legno designer Italian with a style recognizable among a thousand inspired by Japan and its Kawaii imagery. Simone under the signing of Tokidoki collaborated with the largest Brands From Karl Lagarfeld to Lesportsac via Kartell, Medicom Toy, Barbie or Onitsuka Tiger

If iconography Tokidoki has been available to all sauces, it has its origin in the figurines that we have been following for almost 20 years now. Its flagship universes are the Unicornos, the Mermicornos, the Cactus, the Donutella and Friends and more recently the series Besties or Hello Kitty.

Here you will find our selection of the best figurines from the brand Tokidoki So if you like super cute mini figurines, unicorns, sweets, cacti and food, whether junk or healthy, you are in the right place. And if as a bonus you are a player then you are in the right place because here the majority of the figurines are sold in blindboxes!

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The whole story of Tokidoki!


Pioneier in arts toys, Simone Legno offers a brand and designs inspired by Japan and culture Kawaii.

Tokidoki collections are called Unicorno, Mermicorno or Beasties. These collections are divided into sub-sections with Themes and series!

Order your blind boxes and collect tokidoki mini-figurins.

Blin box figurines add a little suspense to collecting!

Discover the tokidoki figurines