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You are here in the lair of the brand of Simone Legno designer Italian with a style recognizable among a thousand. If iconography Tokidoki Was declined to all sauces (textiles, luggage, accessories, makeup, etc.) it has its origin in the figurines. We have been following Tokidoki's work for over 10 years now. Its flagship universes are the Unicornos (the unicorns stars of the brand), the Cactus (a very spicy universe), the Moofia (a very milky universe) and more recently Donutella And his friends (a universe loaded with sugar).

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Palette - TokidokiPalette - Tokidoki
Palette - Tokidoki Sale price10,00 €
Unicorno Series 11 - Stellina BB (Limited Edition)Unicorno Series 11 - Stellina BB (Limited Edition)
Tokidoki X Hello Kitty and Friends - Hello Kitty (Limited Edition)Tokidoki X Hello Kitty and Friends - Hello Kitty (Limited Edition)
Space Unicorno - Gravity (Limited Edition)Space Unicorno - Gravity (Limited Edition)
Lunar Calendar Unicorno Metallico - Year of the Rabbit (Limited Edition)Lunar Calendar Unicorno Metallico - Year of the Rabbit (Limited Edition)
Healthy Besties - Tropical Kawaii (Limited Edition)Healthy Besties - Tropical Kawaii (Limited Edition)
Sweet Heart Unicorno 2 - PackSweet Heart Unicorno 2 - Pack
Sweet Heart Unicorno 2 - Pack Sale price25,00 €
Delicious Unicorno Series 2 - TokidokiDelicious Unicorno Series 2 - Tokidoki
Hello Kitty & Friends Series 1Hello Kitty & Friends Series 1
Hello Kitty & Friends Series 1 Sale price11,67 €
Unicorno Space Series 1Unicorno Space Series 1
Unicorno Space Series 1 Sale price13,33 €
Kawaii Princess Warriors - TokidokiKawaii Princess Warriors - Tokidoki
Unicorno Zodiac SeriesUnicorno Zodiac Series
Unicorno Zodiac Series Sale price10,00 €
Healthy Besties - TokidokiHealthy Besties - Tokidoki
Healthy Besties - Tokidoki Sale price10,00 €
Unicorno after dark series 3Unicorno after dark series 3
Unicorno after dark series 3 Sale priceFrom 9,58 €
Mermicorno series 7Mermicorno series 7
Mermicorno series 7 Sale priceFrom 10,00 €
Toki Mondo series 2 - TokidokiToki Mondo series 2 - Tokidoki
Toki Mondo series 2 - Tokidoki Sale priceFrom 11,67 €
Sold outLumi and her Beary Cute Friends - TokidokiLumi and her Beary Cute Friends - Tokidoki
Boozy Besties - TokidokiBoozy Besties - Tokidoki
Boozy Besties - Tokidoki Sale priceFrom 9,58 €
Donutella and her sweet friends Series 4Donutella and her sweet friends Series 4
Unicorno Lunar Calendar Metallico - TokidokiUnicorno Lunar Calendar Metallico - Tokidoki
Unicorno Series 11 - TokidokiUnicorno Series 11 - Tokidoki
Unicorno Series 11 - Tokidoki Sale priceFrom 10,75 €
Delicious Unicorno - TokidokiDelicious Unicorno - Tokidoki
Delicious Unicorno - Tokidoki Sale priceFrom 8,25 €
Fast Food Besties - TokidokiFast Food Besties - Tokidoki
Fast Food Besties - Tokidoki Sale priceFrom 10,00 €
Unicorno Bambino Series 2 - TokidokiUnicorno Bambino Series 2 - Tokidoki
Unicorno Bambino Series 2 - Tokidoki Sale priceFrom 9,08 €
Unicorno Sweet Fruits - TokidokiUnicorno Sweet Fruits - Tokidoki
Unicorno Sweet Fruits - Tokidoki Sale priceFrom 8,25 €
Sold outRoméo et Juliette UnicornoRoméo et Juliette Unicorno
Roméo et Juliette Unicorno Sale price15,75 €
Sold outKawaii All StarsKawaii All Stars
All Star Champs Sale priceFrom 8,25 €
Sold outMermicorno Series 5Mermicorno Series 5
Mermicorno Series 5 Sale priceFrom 7,08 €
Sold outDonutella and her sweet friends Series 3Donutella and her sweet friends Series 3
Unicorno Gems Series 1Unicorno Gems Series 1
Unicorno Gems Series 1 Sale priceFrom 8,25 €
Sold outSushi Cars Minis -TokidokiSushi Cars Minis -Tokidoki
Sushi Cars Minis -Tokidoki Sale price4,96 €
Tokidoki Hell Rock Gray - NotebookTokidoki Hell Rock Gray - Notebook
Tokidoki Moofia Soccer - CarnetTokidoki Moofia Soccer - Carnet