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Article: News from January 2005 to June 2005


News from January 2005 to June 2005

Qee Serie 5b Baby Lots of French designers will have the honor to appear in the Qee series Designer 5B: SO-ME (The winner of the QEE competition organized last year during the Toyzworld with Wad Magazine), but also the Grenoblois of Hixsept and the Direct and Klor of 123klan (see photo) for several colors in this series. Qee Serie 5b Baby Note also that you will find in this excellent series of designs from Rinzen, Mimic, Papa Reverter, MCA, Campbell, Sasha Huber, Jaime Hayon, Ipei Gyobu, Todd Oliver. What ? Haven't you seen them all yet? Fill upon visuals while waiting for the end of April on the ARTOYZ Forum Mr. Vortigern S Machine James Jarvis is released this month again two new TOYS And a new series of characters. In addition to volume 9 of the famous in Crowd series, this time entitled Major Moulty's Amazing Magical Plastic Band, Jarvis works on a brand new Illustrated Novel project entitled Voltigern’s Machine. As a prelude to the exit of this work, two 25cm figurines bearing the image of the character MR Vortigern will be released simultaneously (they will be sold blind like the King Ken and some will therefore be rare than others). Mr. Vortigern S Machine The story is as follows: Vortigern's Machine is an alternative study of today's youth. Erik and Billy wander in the streets of a semi-rural suburban universe of a fictitious city and through their relationship with the visionary Mr Vortigern, they will be sucked in a vortex where they will live fantastic adventures in the company of a dog Who talks about and an upset gorilla called King Ken (that tells you that something?) And they will try to respond to the philosophical puzzles of life. All that and a magic slide. All the images of Serie 9 and Mr Vortigern are on the ARTOYZ Forum Toy2r fertates its 10 years! And it will happen from May 27 to 29 at Album Comics (67 bd Saint Germain, Paris 6th, Metro Cluny la Sorbonne). Toy2r fertates its 10 years! On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the creative company of the QEE (Creation support figurines for dozens of contemporary artists), organizes a world tour will be followed by Paris, and more precisely at album comics for 3 days in order to present to the French public new TOYS From the second part of 2005 and much more! Here is the program from Friday 27 to Sunday 29 May: - Sale of exclusive Toy2R figurines in limited edition: 16 INCH QEE DIY Bear Glow in Dark 8 INCH QEE DIY EGG White 8 INCH QEE DIY Hellhounds White 8 INCH QEE DIY ASSORTMENT GLOW IN DARK 8 Inch Ned Zed Rabbit Black 8 INCH QEE DIY KNUCKLE White -Artists' dedication to semper-fi Friday and Sunday afternoon Rolito, Run and Danyboy are all three parts of the Semper-Fi crew which is illustrated in particular in the fields of illustration and graphics. Rolito distinguished itself in the world of toy With its rolitoboy declined in several versions and which has made a number of emulators; He will present for the first time to the public his new toy The rabbit Ned Zed. Danyboy and Run are not to be outdone since they have already customized QEE 8 inch for TOY2R. Run also made several 2 inch QEEs bearing the image of his amazing animated series and his comic strip nitled Mutafukaz. - Permanent exhibition of Qee 8 inches Customisis You will not believe your eyes ! Indeed there will be more than a hundred customized QEEs, some of which are fresh for the occasion by French artists! Do not miss this! - Presentation of News Toy2R for the start of the 2005/2006 school year There will be more novelty that will tumble! Between the new series Design-A-qee, Ned Zed by Rolito, the new TOYS From Tygun, Mad Barbarians and many more, you will not be disappointed! - Evening in the sun of the Butte Saturday 28 from 10:30 p.m. What if we took the opportunity to make the Fiesta a little anyway? Go to the Butte Sun at 32 rue Muller in the 18th for a dancing musical selection orchestrated by Bonfil and Waterkids (with their friends Smokey and Franckie Twister) to festore until the end of the night. So appointment at - Comics album at 67 bd saint germain - paris 5e - metro cluny la sorbonne - Le Soleil de la Butte at 32 rue Muller - Paris 18th - Metro Antwerp Expo tag the system in Paris Tag the System From June 14 to 19 at Espace Beaurepaire (28 rue Beaurepaire, Paris 10th, Metro Republic) will take place the Tag The System exhibition which has already taken place in New York and London. During this exhibition will be presented to the public of the New York Metro -plastic wagons of 50cm customized, painted, arranged and smashed by 100 French artists. Some of these trains will be sold at the end of the exhibition, more details on site ... The opening will take place on Wednesday June 15 from 6 p.m. Here is the list of artists participating in the exhibition: 123klan 36 Agnès b Akroe Alexone Anjuna Bijou ARTOYZ Banga Blast magazine Boher Burn Carhartt Clark Magazine Cloze Coca Cola Colette Colorz Colt Corrise Danyboy Dealyt Last DIZE DRUID Earl Eight Fars Gildo Medina Graff'it Magazine Hixsept Hondo Ikon Indesignwetrust Impaket Ioye Jace Jay One Japanese jean Jonone Cheek Julien GOSSET Kay One Koa Kourtrajmé Koralie Krsn Kros Lady k The MJC Lazy Dog Lux Market Lx Magda Danysz Mambo Manu Custom Marko Maydee Mehdi Mir Mirk Mist Moze Nasty Nefase Noise O'clock Oeno Opium Crew Oscar Marquez Osta Papyspray Pest FEATHER Posh Psykoze RCF Reno Reso Sect Shadow Sirius Ski Slice Snake Soandsau Soda So-in Song SPERETRA Steph Cop Sydney Supakitch Superdeux Tabas Triiad Turbo Design Tworode Web's Wirex Woshe Wuze Yuck Zevs The Tag the System exhibition is offered by Artoyz in collaboration with Lamjc, Graff’it, Carharrt, Coca-Cola, Vans, Zurbban Come many! Helmut The Hot Dog Amostoys, who already counts in his ranks James Jarvis, presents a new artist Will Sweeney. Helmut The Hot Dog 'Tales from Green Fuzz' is a little comic strip in comics drawn by Will Sweeney. The number 1 presents the adventures of a living sandwich who wants to rescue his girlfriend caught in the claws of the gang of the bad guys whose boss is none other than the Hot Dog Man and his Kebab Achures. Located in the city of Rastapopolis, it is a story of love, violence, intrigue and overdose of food, all this drawn in the inimitable style of Will Sweeney. Born in Oxford, Will Sweeney is part of the current current current. A graduate of the Royal College of Art in 1998 and being only able to draw or play the guitar, he worked in the illustration and played in many rock groups of which Headshoppe and the excellent Zongamin electro group. He regularly collaborated in the Silas fashion brand and in 2003 he was present as part of the 'where is silas' exhibition at the Parco Gallery de Tokyo. It was in Tokyo, during a dedication, that he had the idea for the characters of Helmut and Slingsby. A year and a half later, 'Tales from Green Fuzz' is finally realized. The comic strip 'Tales from Green Fuzz' and the 23 cm figurine of Helmut the villain of history will come out soon in France. More information on the site Amos TOYS

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