5 good cultural plans to start this long weekend!

Of Murakami to Tolkien via the Ghibli studio, Cultural events are linked in the capital. Let's start with Takashi Murakami who elected home to the Perrotin gallery with Baka, his new expo. No less than thirty works, the artist shows us all the facets of his art through portraits, sculptures and tondo, all revealing new topics like traditional Chinese art. Opened until December 21stThe Baka exhibition is a must of the cultural agenda. Appointment in the ballroom of the Perrotin gallery at 60 rue de Turenne.

To travel to the middle of the middle, it will be necessary to go to the Bnf and discover the work of J.R.R Tolkien, mythical author and Professor of Oxford (we would have liked to be students). Through 300 pieces, enter the creative world of man and author, oscillating between manuscripts and original designs. A dive in the heart of an exceptional universe that finds a particular resonance today. Exhaust yourself a few hours the time of the exhibition Tolkien, midfield trip to the BNF - Quai François Mauriac, 75706 Paris - Until February 16, 2020.

Winter approaching we need comforting things, the pop-up store of the Ghibli Studio So is perfect for that! Honoring the imagination ofHayao Miyazaki and Isao TakahataThe co-founders of the Ghibli Studio, the Ephemera Castle will put on sale a crowd of derivatives from animation films. Totoro, DVD, Posters, Figurines and other surprises are to discover until December 15 - Perfect for Christmas - At 19 rue Grégoire de Tours in the 6th arrondissement of Paris.

Street, The exhibition of Hassan Hajjaj at the MEP (European House of Photography) Will not confine yourself visually. Explosion of colors and sensitive topics are at the heart of this exhibition retracing years of work in the form of photos, facilities, videos but also deco. A lifestyle work that takes root in the love of Hassan Hajjaj for clothing, fashion codes and subjects of identity through the issues of tradition and body. Immersive and exotic, this exhibition is entitled to you in the street of Morocco but not that. Field at the MEP - 5/7 Rue de Fourcy 75004 Paris - before November 17 to see it yourself.

Simultaneously at the exhibition of the Louvre dedicated to Leonardo da Vinci, Fluctuart launches Veni, Vidi, Vinci, Urban Art Facing Engineering. A sharp revisitation on the occasion of the 500 years of the disappearance of Leonardo da Vinci, a major artist for the art of the Renaissance, orchestrated by twenty international artists like Mrs, Ozmo, Swoon, Sylvain Ristori, Faith 47 Where BOM.K. Obviously the list is not complete, it leaves a little mystery. Urban art therefore becomes the vector of a new reading of the work of Leonardo da Vinci that you will be able to see at Fluctuart - Pont des Invalides, 2 wearing wholesale Caillou 75007 Paris - Until February 19, 2020

Impossible not to find happiness with all These good Parisian cultural plans.

Hassan Hajjaj - MEP


Tolkien - BNF

Murakami - Perrotin Gallery

Credits: MEP / Fluctuart / Perrotin Gallery / Studio Ghibli / BNF

Source: MEP / Fluctuart / Perrotin Gallery / Studio Ghibli / BNF

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