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Article: The Simpson

Les Simpson

The Simpson

It was December 17, 1989 in the United States when on Fox, more than 25 million viewers gathered in front of their televisions to discover the life of a typical American family. Their names ? The Simpsons.

You necessarily know the fundamentals of the series, whether it is the theme of Danny Elfman, the couch joke, Homer's idiocy and for good reason, The Simpsons is today the American animated series with the longest longevity of the story: 32 years (and as many seasons) for 706 episodes.

Behind this more than consequent work, we find a man: Matt Groening.

When in 1978, he arrived in Los Angeles at the age of 23, he had a series of lousy odd jobs and then began to make a little comic strip telling his life with his friends: Life in Hell.

Following the success of Life in Hell, several producers approached Groening to transpose the comic strip on the small screen. However, Groening refuses, finding it both too risky for his comic book, but also too redundant.

He then decides to speak of a completely unbalanced and colorful family by giving them the names of his own family: his two parents are Homer and Margaret, his two sisters Lisa and Margaret.

Originally broadcast on The Tracey Ullman Show, the Simpson family managed to convince the few spectators who watch the show and therefore becomes a series.

Perhaps we will talk about the Simpsons again about their rise and then the slow decline in audiences before passing into the hands of Disney, but today what interests us is toy design.

Let's start with this sublime collection of mini fig by Kidrobot on the occasion of the 25 years of the series, 18 unmissable models.

Get them here

Homer Buddha is inspired by the episode “Goo Gai Pan” (Season 16, Episode 12 for the purists), and this way he is able to pass down the oral tradition of donut eating.

Many significations and signs on this figure : Long ears mean past wealth, the big head represents the disconnection between mind and body, a tuft of hair symbolizes great inner wisdom, and a giant fried dough topped with frosting jimmies equals deliciousness.

Get it here

Although they have been sold out for a long time, let's quickly talk about the bearbricks from Medicom Toy.

And let's take this opportunity to announce that the Radioactive Man bearbrick will reach us in a few short months.

You necessarily know this position, that of a demonstrator ready to throw a blunt object in the face of the police. But since in toy design we prefer love to war, here our revolutionary prefers to throw a full box of donuts to appease the police.

This protester strongly reminds us of someone, maybe a serial character who knows ...

This 20 cm high figurine published by Mighty Jaxx is the work of Ndikol, an Indonesian artist who has made a specialty of diversion.

Get it here

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