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Article: It's your turn to be interviewed: Portrait #1

It's your turn to be interviewed: Portrait #1

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We declage the interview ball: open!

THE last month We invited you to share with us your passion for Artoyz, by answering only 3 questions. And it was Sylver de Mennecy (91), lover of customization, who lent himself to the game first. Thank you again to him for all these details and for telling us about these few photos! Image host When did you start collecting Artoyz?

In 2010, my sister and friends gave me two without consulting himself, a 7-Inch baby Qee and an 8-inch Munny (the one with 4 accessories). I knew the Artoyz thanks to Fakir And his Qbiq rabbit (I was in his high school when he launched his) but I had the apprehension to get started in 3D format.

I was still very paper format then by receiving these two I had no hesitation, I rushed to the head. I also reworked them after ... They were really not terrible, hahaha! What is the first Artoyz you bought?

The first Artoyz that I bought is a Toy2R 8-Inch monq I adored his head and the fact that he was fully removable. Something that had blocked me on Munny, I had to put 2 years before buying it.

I liked to make it but it was not yet great love, then on a whim I took one (at a citadium during the sales) and a week later in front of "criminal spirit", I finally have it begin. He looked like a prooper (from the film Starship Trooper) with the beret and the pisto-laser of my first Munny. I also redone it later. And since July 6 I haven't stopped anymore, I had 6, there I attack ... the 37 th! What is your top 3?

My Top 3 ... I would say my first my first 3rd position because it was a bit he who really set foot in it.

Secondly, I would say the toye q because with him I really pushed the beast, in detail, a loincloth in plush fur, I really tried to give everything!

And in first position the Munny 4-Inch, it is the one I did the most and that I love to do to relax. Image host Image host Image host

Do you also want to share all this with us? It's simple, all info is here.

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