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DGPH BEREJENA Here comes a new painted sample of a forthcoming toy created by argentina based creative team DGPH that will be released later this year through ADFUNTURE. This is their second collaboration after EL TOPO figure. Very nice colors with this combinaison of blue night, light purple and sand. It is rumored to be 6 inches tall which is the perfect size for this kind of toy, so it won't be too large and impossible to display. In another news from the ADFUNTURE gang, we received several pictures of a new subversive figure created by UK artist SICHI that you will purely love or simply hate; this is called the S.L.M. series, each figure is 22 cm tall and we are aware of 4 different versions so far : ORIGINAL version SLM WHITE DEVILOCK version SLM BLACK DEVILOCK CRAZY PIG VERSION SLM CRAZY PIG SLAM x HYPE version SLM SxH In other news, please welcome this charming little WEE STICKER by SHAWNIMALS that reminds me somehow of a DRAGON QUEST character: WEE If you wonder why I made this post in english, I have no idea whatsoever, I don't wanna prove anybody that I'm fluent in english or anything like that. I just had a feeling, and furthermore, I have a good feeling about these releases.

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