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Article: Amanda Vesell has things in his stomach


Amanda Vesell has things in his stomach

What The Ephunt?

Let's put things to point immediately, Amanda Vesell is not an artist who reinvented the graphic culture with a totally original or Mind-Blowing crazy style (that means 'that explodes the head' but as it is an American word and I like the Americans I Prefer to borrow this terminology, disappearing to our Canadian readers). His way to paint fantastic saynths where the nightmares of our earning childhood come alive, his sensitive and effective touch, the minimalism of certain situations definitely bee. Yes it's cute than a fly a bee, even if it's more dangerous.


Blister Design

When I see the works of Miss Vesell, I can not help thinking about Monsters Inc. (monsters and CIE) who, in addition to the fact that it is my favorite Pixar, is also a movie with rich influences and searched.

The research works compiled in the very very very very recommendable book The Art of Monsters Inc. (Chronicle Books) are more talking than a long speech on the animation and cartoon of the 40s.

The Art of Monsters Inc.

We could believe that she copied on Tim Biskup At the school of art, that his parents cloistered him in front of the K7 of the old Disney Walt without feeding it for weeks, or that she drank too many cocktails with Shag And the pink panther during his college years, but his universe has something else, very personal, unique.

Amanda Vesell

An elephant, a monster, another elephant, a child, blue, objects stuck in paintings, animals stuck in other animals, a octopus, a girl curled up on herself stuck in a setting, a child In an elephant, some robots, here is the overall list of characters living in his paintings.

CreemBabysitter robot

Fragile tamed flattened with mastered camoises highly highlight characters in the forefront sometimes funny and satisfied, sometimes debased and frightened, sometimes worried, often serene and repurred.

Well took (and probably under the influence of his Californian artists), Amanda begins to transpose his universe into 3 dimensions and starting in a craft way, without precipitating things.

His wooden pieces are so touching that we want to touch wood to hope that his future creations are as sensitive and imperfect. (easy to touch / touch wood / wood anyway, be indulgent what is the beginning).

American WerewolfCorneliusRobot ATE BABIES

Some unique pieces have been distilled according to the solo or collective exhibitions to which it was able to participate in recent months (American Werewolf, Cornelius), but the announcement of a new round of 25 handmade parts available for the SDCC (like Dragon scout, Even number of pieces + a print) rejoiced us even more than the idea of ​​a cupirinha iced at the edge of a warm pool.

Dragon scout


In a few hours, some happy Californian Fadas will be able to get their hands on one of 25 EphuntThese greedy elephants to the well welcoming stomach.

For the least Californians, we will discover the prototype painted with its first vinyl figurine in the line line of its ephunt which it will come out with the happy and always more ambitious Munky King. On paper this looks delicate with a wood rendering more than desired and a particularly still used paint style used in the vinyl. The most unbearable moment begins: waiting.

Ephunt vinyl


The figurine she draws for Vivisect Playset Toy also looks like the most successful figurine of all series. He It will now have to rely on it in the future, joining the most noticed pop artists on the west coast of Hype Gallery namely Luke Chueh, Joe Ledbetter or Greg Craola Simkins. The furrow is growing and so much better if The little Amanda Enjoy it because she has talent.


His first big solo expo noted took place at the beginning of the year at the Gallery1988 (SwitcharooAnd at the beginning will be released his first book: Popping Through Pictures at the house of BABY TATTOO BOOKS.

Popping Through Pictures

More info about Amanda Vesell, his charming and humorous world:

A video interview

His site

His blog

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