Animation and Toy Design 1963 - 1986 (third part)

You probably know it already, but at Artoyz, we are rather fond of animation movies. Whether they are of time or color did not exist on the screens, or a more recent period in which the particle war and 3D rendering is open, animated films are an essential pan of the 7th Art , especially in France, which is a fertile land on this area. As a result, we wanted to focus on the history of the animation of its creation to today, and how animation inspires the middle of the Toy Design. This file is the trosset of a series of at least five articles (the author of these lines currently not yet certain of the number of articles necessary to make this large animated epic digesti. underneath come from several sources and personal knowledge, it is important to quoteThe website of the popular university of images which was more than precious aid with its absolutely fascinating chronological frieze.


In 1954, Raymond Leblanc, publisher of the Journal de Tintin, started the creation of a studio which aims to animate several cartoon heroes, it is Belvision. As early as 1959, the studio launches in a busy Tintin series adapting seven adventures the time of 102 episodes of 5 minutes.

With a relative quality, the series is today completely forgotten, the fault of 1991 that has managed to fill fans and critics.

It is therefore with the feature films that Belvision has made a name in the French animation. Believing the Internet, the first feature film of the studio is the tail of the marsupilami in 1963. The comic strip "the nest of marsupilami" dating from 1960, it may be that the film is an adaptation though since it is impossible to 'find any trace, the film is an urban legend. If, however, a well-informed reader has information about the movie, he can send me an email at the following address:

Will the 1964 sunflower affair, which is a reassembly of the last season of the animated series, it will be necessary to wait 1965 to see the first adaptation of the studio with Pinochio in space?

A year later, BELVISION changes to the upper speed by adapting "Asterix Le Gauls". Little problem, Goscinny and Uderzo are not kept informed of this adaptation. There is therefore a legitimate blossom and the destruction of the adaptations of the Golden Serpe and the Combat of the Chiefs, adaptations that had been prepared at the same time as the first film. Since everything is not black, Uderzo and Goscinny will require a stakeholder in the following adaptations which will give the excellent Asterix and Cleopatre in 1968.

A year later, new film with Tintin and the Temple of the Sun, its scenario that also includes sevents crystal balls, quality animation and music from Jacques Brel.

In 1971, this is a new stage that the studio crossed by creating an unprecedented adventure of the most famous Cowboy of the Ninth Art: Lucky Luke. In collaboration with the authors and Pierre Chernia, the film will allow Belvision to create subsequently the unique unique adventure of Tintin with Tintin and the Lake to the sharks in 1972.

The studio will then continue, will experience a big vacuum pass before returning to the front of the stage thanks to Alexandre Astier Asterix and especially the sublime the red turtle.

A yellow submarine

In 1968, but at hundreds of kilometers from our sweet France, a small English group finds itself in a lively feature film. This is, you will surely have guessed, Beatles and the movie is no other than Yellow Submarine.

Since the music are also broadcast independently of the film, we can consider Yellow Submarine as a precursor of the clip although the marriage between animation and music dates from the 20s. The animated clip will continue to have a place in the world of music. It is with Take we and its famous rotoscopy or Gorillaz and the many animated incartards of Jamie Hewlett.

And since we are talking about Gorillaz, it is an opportunity to remind you that we still have some copies of Superplastic Gorillaz figurines (while waiting for novelties that will arrive incessantly soon).

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Let's stay in the world with the creation of MTV in 1981. The chain specializing in the diffusion of clips, will make a lot for the animation that it is thanks to its desirable dressings or the profusion of various clips broadcast on its antenna.

Animation for adults.

In the 60s, Robert Crumb publishes stories of a subversive character and color: Fritz The Cat. But it was in 1972 that said cat becomes a real phenomenon with a cinema adaptation by Ralph Bakshi. It was the first animation film to receive the X ranking in the United States and its subversive side made a global success.

Huge arms of honor at the Omnipresence of Disney, the film was denied by Crumb which did not hesitate to kill his character in 1972.

And if you are interested in the comic book, I can only recommend the three volumes of the CRUMB Sketchbook.

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Bakshi will continue to make animated movies for adults with a surprising adaptation of the Lord of the Rings, Fire and Ice or the very surprising (and quite mediocre) cool world.

Closer to home, we can cite Picha, Belgian director who had his moment of glory in 1975 with The shame of the jungle (also ranked x), then in 1980 with The missing chain.

Many years later, in 1984, we see the appearance of the first animated serie hentai (Pornographic Japanese cartoon) under the name Lolita Anime (and no there will be no illustrations or videos, this article will remain all public).

Children's Island

Let's go back to higher topics with this tremendous incubator that was the island to children in 1974. In addition to having popularized Sesame Street in France, the show was a field of experimentation for the French animation with series like Gribouille , blade or the linea.

He is now and sadly the time to leave, we find himself next week to talk about the explosion of the manga in France thanks to the club Dorothée, the king and the bird, of Ghibli, in short of the 1980s.

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