Happy New Year everyone ! To start this excellent vintage we reveal a collaboration out a few days ago between ARGOYZ ORIGINALS and Jump, French structure specialized in luggage storage. They launched the concept My Dot Drops which turns out to be a series of luggage of different sizes ... Customizable! Indeed, each suitcase is grid and can accommodate small color pellets to create drawings, illustrations, patterns or everything you want. And it's perfect because it clips! We are proud to have participated in their new collection that will allow any purchaser of a suitcase to leave with a Elements Water White with a palette of stickers on the same principle as the suitcase. So you will be able to customize using colorful pellets your elements, or for purists keep the white version as it is. To see you with your eyes seen, go to the Jump shop, located at 16 rue d'Argenteuil, Paris 1E. The official website of My Dot Drops
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