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(Français Version at the Bottom of the Page) Hello, how are you from home? At this time of the year, you are probably busy looking for a shadow corner along this infinite beach in order to escape a certain insolation, or you still have comfortably installed in the room of a one Multiplex to appreciate at its fair value the new Batman. Maybe you are waking hot in Costard in your company, squatting in search of fresh air, pretending to your colleagues you have dropped for the 15th time in one hour your pen (excuse bottle in passage). Although you do, you have a lot of two minutes to be granted to read this little sweet ticket just for you (this rhyme would have made Jirous François Feldman, to be confirmed). And if we took advantage of it to keep a little aware of the projects we have at Artoyz and what we are preparing for the return and after, it tells you? You want to make a beach racket part first? Good ok but move away a little it makes a monstrous sound this thing. You may have noticed that our last exhibition at Artoyz (the Fake-stival) consisted of Giclee Prints. What is a Giclee Print would you like? It's easy, it's a high-definition inkjet print on art paper. We have recently have the acquisition of one of these famous oversized printers to offer you now digital impressions of optimal quality. The idea is that you can acquire artworks of artists and limited edition illustrators with a perfect rendering. And that's what we're going to offer you regularly as early as September. Each print will be accompanied by a certificate of authenticity, Struck from the seal Artoyz (Image above), and accompanied by a miniature visual of the print that you have just acquired. In addition to this, will appear on this certificate the following information: Print number, number of pieces edited, name of the artist and signature of it. Our ambition is to present you with unprecedented work of artists from our universe, but also to meet illustrators and graphic designers whose work we praise but with which we had not had the opportunity to collaborate until then . History to vary the pleasures and propose the widest and most qualitative selection possible. Not bad is not it ? How do you like it ? You want a chocolate ice cream? The problem is that I have more cash and that the distributor is far enough and that right is going there ... Note immediately this date in your diaries: Thursday, September 13, 2012. Why ? Because two months before the end of the world (depending on the forces of disorder) we will welcome the most important exhibition that has ever occurred at Artoyz. Indeed, we invited the collective Circus Posterus to expose their unprecedented work in our humble space for the exhibition "The carnival of spectrums". Circus Posterus, does that remind you of something ? If I tell you Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Travis Louie, Chris Ryniak, Amanda Louise Spayd, Teodoru Badiu Do you speak a little more? It is indeed these 6 artists who will velocate the basement of Artoyz with paintings, drawings, unpublished customs. To have already seen a number of pieces that will appear in this exhibition, we can tell you very calmly that it will absolve everything. And what better than developing new toys with these internationally recognized artists? You thought the idea did not cross the mind? It is to believe that you are obvious by your mini golf part. Because yes, a thousand times yes, we work on original and unpublished figurines with members of the Circus Posterus collective. We will reveal the prototypes of these new Artoyz Originals figurines during the opening. Just, about our label ARGOYZ ORIGINALSIt is true that we remain rather discreet on our activity, which we make our little way of way, taking care not to "take out the toy too much" or to completely miss our target (it can happen, it is not our case). As a famous film of the last century said: "So far everything is fine." What is it? It's simple: we've come out since 2008 about sixty references and that more than 70% of these references are sold-out. On what has not definitively disappeared from our stocks is well, even very well started. In other words, it is rather encouraging and that it pushes us to develop new projects with artists whose creativity has limits only those that the plant and our wallet authorizes us. And projects, we have several in the pipes. To start with Bunka, whose Chaos Monkey comic strip will come out in September. He honored us with a new vinyl figurine that we will unveil in the coming weeks. A new character, always in thechaos, a more brushing bestiau that the Monkey you know and whose love you (finally, that's what seems to us since we only have a handle of Chaos Monkey on the two editions we have produced). We are stalking the dates of a chaos event on the end of the year with Bunka so do not do as if you did not warn you. We continue or want to stop a head? DAC, but do quickly because there is the Beach Volley tournament that starts in ¾ hours and I do not want to make me restore against the guys of the UCPA. Many of you ask when will come out of new characters from the series Toxic Candies, we have the answer: See you soon! Stéphane Levallois Redesigned many cute and sweet characters in his series and we have launched several in production in order to propose these nice little lascars two by two in the future. Two by two, exactly what it takes to get a small double ping-pong! It's good there is a table that has just been released ... Oh nothing late ... Parallel to this we have been developing the project for several months Phonyabot In collaboration with NVY, and we will have the honor to offer you this unprecedented product, a mixture of figurine, robot, all running with an application under android. An unpublished, playful and hyper-fun product. And finally, we have a secret project In production with a foreign artist that we love very much and who has not made new figurines for too long! But it's still under the seal of secrecy, we let you a little dream and imagine who could be this mysterious guest, it's more fun than trying to finish this core grid here this week. Other news? No problem: we will make the release of Eeerz Mini Series in September at the shop. This charming series will consist among others of designs of Cuypi, Jon Burgerman, Bunka. Critinian rabbits have never been better than being adapted in mini and paced format of colorful designs. For the moment, when we know that the faculty of concentration of the human being in the era of modern singles does not exceed 4MN30 (the time of too long YouTube video), we will avoid writing you some too long And again to spin you migraine. No need to dig the hole of the secu more, is not it? Timming by talking about Tartines, you thought about buying Nutella for tomorrow morning? _____________________________ It's too long and you have the lazy to read? Here is a recap: - Artoyz created a Division "Art Print - Giclee Prints"The catalog will expand as and when coming months. - Thursday, September 13: Artoyz and Circus Posterus present The carnival of spectrums, With Kathie Olivas *, Travis Louie *, Brandt Peters *, Chris Ryniak *, Amanda Louise Spayd and Teodoru Badiu *. Artists * will be present at the opening. - Release of Eeerz Mini Series 1 In September 2012 (Banka Designs, Cuypi, Jon Burgerman) - Next Outings Artoyz Originals: * 2 new toys with 2 Circus Posterus (samples unveiled at the exhibition) * Bunka - New Toy Chaos + Release of his Bd Chaos Monkey * Stephane Levallois - New Figurines of the Toxic Candies series * Secret project with secret artist ^^ (2013) - Release of PhonyBotz, robot running under Android in partnership with NVY _____________________________ Hey Folks, We Thought That IT Was The Perfect Day in the Middle of the Summer to Update You on our Forthcoming Projects, Cause We Got Tones! First of all, We are Launching in New Division. WE BOUGHT ONE OF THOSE BIG PRINTING MACHINES THAT WILL ALLOW US TO PRINT LIMITED EDITION GICLEE PRINTS ON ART PAPER. WE Just Started With the Artoyz Fake-Saval Exhibition, All The Artworks Have Been Printed This Way, and if you were able to make it to the Gallery, You Were Able to See by Yourself The Great Quality of Those Prints. WE ARE Building A Catalog Right Now and It Will Start Seriously in September. FIRS NAMES TO DROP SOON! In September, We Are Going to Welcome One of the Biggest Group Show We Ever Done With The Circus Posterus Collective That Will Present The carnival of spectrums, with New Paintings, Drawings, Customs, and Original Toys from Brandt Peters, Kathie Olivas, Travis Louie, Amanda Louise Spayd, Chris Ryniak and Teodoru Badiu. Most of Those Artists Will Be in the wait for the opening. We are Very Excited by Their Coming, It's Gonna Be Huge! Furthermore WE Will Unveil 2 New Toys in Collaboration with 2 artists from Circus Posterus Under Our Label Artoyz Originals. For Those Who Do not Know (Is There Any In This Room? Hope Not!), WE HAVE CREEDED ARTOYZ ORIGINALS IN 2008, and we are happy to announce that wa sold-out over 70% of all the Projects We Ever Released (Around 60 References / Variants in total). WE ARE GOING TO RELEASE IN THE NEXT FEW MONTHS A New Figure With Bunka in The Chaos Series. IT Will Be a Bigger Dude That Chaos Monkey, Sneak Peak Above. ALSO Note That Bunka is Going to Release His Very First Comic Book this Fall. BIG EVENT COMING SOON! Our Good Friend Stephane Levallois, Who Created The Toxic Candies Series of Toys, is Going to Release New Characters From This Sweet Series. They will be released 2 x 2 JUST AS SWEETY & LIQUORICE WHEN WE LAUNCHED THEM A Couple of Years Ago. WE ARE ALSO Working on Various New Projects, goal there is a massive one that will see the light of the day in 2013 with a great artist that has not released new figures in quite some time. Stay tuned for more news on that project. This Fall Will Be Released The Phonyabot project that we have been working on since a couple of months with the French company NVY. This is an Android Robot that can be controlled with a Smartphone under Android. It’s been long and uneasy to produce cause there is a ton of mechanisms to assemble in this little dude, but the result is awesome ! Phonybotz can do many things; it will be a new office pal for many of you Robot and Android fans. And also note that we are going to host a Release Party for the EEERZ Mini Series in September. The Rabbids figures have been downsized and Ubisoft and a couple of selected artists (Bunka, Cuypi, Jon Burgerman) created sweet designs for those little crazy labbits. Sorry we didn’t wrote in this blog post as many clever French jokes that the text above. Scroll up for pictures and previews. Hope you will like our projects ! Have a nice summer.

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