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Reserved for professionals of the profession, the Lounge Who's Next is a biennial living room taking place under the large metal structures of the Porte de Versailles which welcomes each new session an impressive number of "Clothing Companies" presenting their collections coming in a near future who can not delay tomorrow. It is therefore a "trade show" as there are a number around the world (Italy, Las Vegas, Barcelona) but I will not make you the list since I do not like lists except the lists of marriage.

You probably wonder what ARTOYZ could do well in the middle of all these various and varied brands. You're right to ask you questions, that's how we're moving forward.

In a place of real answers, we prefer to show you what were the novelties presented on our stand held proudly by the Fantastaff of Artoyz.

Note that this new freshly invented word has strictly nothing to do with a much too sweet flavored soft drink.

We start without further delay by the presentation of the 5 Qee Anarchy Glow in Dark 8 inches from Jean-Franck Kozik accompanied by their equivalents 2.5 ''


An additional image of Qee Dalek Space Monkeys. To have had them in his hands, no doubt is true good. Quite scary, but in the right sense of the term.

Qee Dalek Space Monkeys

QEE is miniaturizing for your pleasure (and that of your bag / laptop / zipper).

Soon you can get these articulated mini qe available in multiple colors. Really very cute.

1.5 "Qee Series

The "matte" effect as well as the finesse of the paintings on this set of 3 qee BCN by dad Reverter is really bluffing.

BCN Barcelona Qee Series by Papa Reverter

Announced there is little, here are the samples of the genetically modified egg series drawn by Jon Burgerman. Very neat paintings of a pretty reassuring precision. 8 designs in total.

Qee Egg Jon Bagerman Series The cardboys of Mark James are back for a 3rd series, with new manufacturing techniques and a simple and efficient idea: resume the 4 colors of printing and transposing them on figurines to mount yourself. It is therefore CardBoys Cartdriges whose quality is a notch above the first two series. CardBoys Cartdriges The little molly makes emulators a little more each day and the new fans will be filled by the arrival of this series Molly Qee Series In the coming weeks, with in each box the figurine and the majestic crown that will allow the craziest displays as you can see in this picture. Good nothing crazy but you can use crowns as seat for the molly, where I wanted to come ... Molly Qee Series Superdeuxmet The latest touches to its new "acid" exhibition at Artoyz Lyon which will begin on September 21st and we will receive the new STEREOTYPE 8 INCHES "THE CLASSICS" With the two designs of the Acid series precisely: black smiley and yellow smiley. ENJOY: ACID STEREOTYPE 6 INCHES Some very expected items by the community: the Ned Zed 123 Klan Roscoe The Jeweler as well as the sets D, E and F of Rolitoland Safari, the more the small Rolitoland Clear Mind Black Sparkling. That very good! Ned Zed 123klan & Rolitoland Safari & Clear Mind I would not have spontaneously imagined that a series of spiders can be as cute, yet it is the case with the series of Mini Spiderboom Created by Sun Min Kim with 9 different colors and full of interchangeable gourmet accessories on the top of the head. Mini spiderboom Never during crazy ideas, here's Choco & Minty Bees in the bee shoes for a new variant of the tireless duo. Choco & Minty Beeeeeeeeeeee All these pretty things will be available at Artoyz and your favorite resellers at the end of October - early November!

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