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Here is the beginning of a collapse that looks sumptuous! This is the Fire Gold 24K elements made by Adeline affres for Artoyz Originals. It is a first draw of 15 pieces and these 15 pieces have a small milestone which will differentiate them as follows that the head has been mounted upside down to guarantee a 15-room limitation and an exceptional character. These objects! This edition is off trade since intended for the 11 winners of the Elements Alpha Series elements that took place on March 14, 2009 Truce of chat here are the photos! (And a big thank you to Adeline says!)


En tout cas, si un des gagnants ne le veut pas, qu’il me contacte, je serai ravi de lui en débarasser!!!!

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Magnifique, il ferait tellement bien a coté de mon tirage unique de gregos en 3D…

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