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Article: Back to Basics: CSBooth 14 by Michael Lau


Back to Basics: CSBooth 14 by Michael Lau

CSBOOTH 14 For those who are not particularly at Michael Lau, you should know that the "CS Booth" means the "Stand Crazy Smiles" and that it is for Michael Lau the way to present his own productions in his gallery. Before 2003 it was at the HK Toycon which he settled, but since it was in his own space that he hosts visitors, curious and collectors to the rhythm of the precise rhythm- to put the clocks back 'hour in the world of the toy-game. Even though the latest collaborations of Michael Lau with renowned brands (Nike, X Lion Heart) surprised observers in the good way as in the wrong sense of the word, this biennial usual appointment has missed, because C is always a bit of freshness and novelties at a moment T. Let's hope it presents us during these two days a lot of new forms and styles, however it seems that new garden (6 inches?) be at the Honor, wait the month of December to discover what the Machiavellian spirit of Mr Lau designed us.

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