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Article: Back to Black: Story Killers The Little Red Chaperone Dark Night Version!

BACK TO BLACK: Story Killers Le Petit Chaperon Rouge Dark Night version !

Back to Black: Story Killers The Little Red Chaperone Dark Night Version!

After the Regular and Snow versions, ARTOYZ and Stéphane Levallois are proud to introduce the Dark Night version of our series Story Killers the little Red Riding Hood!

Story Killers is our new collection started with Stéphane Levallois, with whom we are already working on Toxic Candies. The general idea of ​​the collection is the GIRL POWER! Stéphane is reappropriated the heroines of tales of our earliest childhood by returning the scenario. The little girl or the young woman is no longer there to suffer and hope for a prince charming but is necessary and regulates her problems ... sometimes a little expeditious and violent! Story Killers is a new collection WE Start with Stéphane Levallois, with whom we are Already Working on the Toxic Candies. The Main Idea of ​​the collection is the GIRL POWER! Stéphane Reclaims The Heroines of the Tales of Our Childhood by Returning The Scenario. THE LITTLE GIRL GOLD YOUNG WOMAN IS NOT HERE TO SUFFER ANYMORE AND WAIT FOR A PRINCE CHARMING GOAL TO IMPOSE HER RULE AND TO RESOLVE HER PROBLEMS ... SO SOMETIMES A BIT HASSTY AND VIOLENT !!!

Story Killer sketch
Story Killer sketch

The first one Story Killers to see the day is the Little Red Riding Hood Who decided to settle his own the wolf and after having sliced ​​his head, she chose to proudly sport her trophy! First of all the Snow version, reminiscent of the famous character Jon Snow of the Proposed Games of Thrones in exclusivity at the Comiccon Paris, it was followed by the Regular version, the version of Little Red Riding Hood that everyone knows. THE FIRST Story Killers TO EMERGE IS Little Red Riding Hood WHO Decided to Settle Accounts Wolf and After Cutting His Head, She Thing To Proudly Display HIS Trophy!

Sketch of Little Red Riding Hood
Sketch of Little Red Riding Hood

Little Red Riding Hood was sculpted in France by Étienne AILLAUD aka Bombyx from the drawings of Stéphane Levallois. Little Red Riding Hood Was Carved in France by Etienne AILLAUD aka Bombyx from drawings by Stéphane Levallois.

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