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Article: Bape x Sesame Street, the collab 'retro for young and old

Bape x Sesame Street, la collab' rétro pour petits et grands

Bape x Sesame Street, the collab 'retro for young and old

Sesame Street is the show of the late 60's that marveled the childhood of many of us. No matter where you captivated the diffusion, the sensation was the same. Moreover 150 countries have been able to broadcast this new kind of show that the giant street Bape proposes to showcase. A collection of essential pieces for fans of the show.

You will find pieces as indispensable as a printed sweatshirt (black or gray) on which the Sesame Street band poses, three camo all over t-shirts (Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster), three camo all over caps (Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster) and eight different t-shirts with certain characters.

Available for Men, Women and Children, this BAPE x Sesame Street collaboration will be available on September 14th on the Bape website.

Credits : BAPE/ Sesame Street 

Source : BAPE Instagram 

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