We open the ball with the Bearbrick Kinnikuman, better known at us under the name of Muscleman! For those who remember, Kinnikuman was a manga, then an anime, which traces the adventures of a hidden wrestler in the free Lucha style free to the Japanese sauce.
After a brief transition to the Dorothée Club, the series diffusion was arrested because of a character with a svastika.

We continue in Japan with the Bearbrick photographer Mika Ninagawa, specialist in brightly colored, bright color photos, red fish and landscapes.

The peculiarity of this model is the aqueous medium transfer on the Bearbrick associating red pink, purple and pale pink patterns.

Always in touch with the Japanese animation, the Bearbrick "Kumatetsu" ("the boy and the beast" in French) is shot from the film "Bakemono no Ko" released in 2015. This feature film tells the story of a young boy Who discovers a parallel world populated with humanoid animals and will be formed by one of the sets of places: Kumatetsu!

Finally we also have the Bearbrick celebrating Chemical Brothers and their latest album in "Born in the Echoes"!

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