Beyond The Streets, the Expo for Street Art lovers

If you are moving to Los Angeles, you must visit this exhibition: "Beyond The Streets"!
ORganized by the enthusiast Roger Gastman, Graffiti historian, urban anthropologist and state collector, the exhibition "Beyond The Strets is considered one of the most important and the most popular retrospective of Graffiti and Street Art of the United States. Gastman also on his CV the Foundation as well as the co-edition of the magazine Swindle with Shepard Faireyhe also co-wrote "THE HISTORY OF AMERICAN GRAFFITI"and co-producing the documentary"BANKSY, EXIT THROUGH THE GIFT SHOP", nominated to the Oscars.

"Beyond The Streets"(BTS) is the first exhibition of Graffiti and Street Art of all kinds, by modern art extension! BTS is a revolutionary multimedia showcase of paintings, sculptures, photographs for more than 40,000 m2 of indoor and outdoor industrial space.

The exhibition opens its doors to the public in Los Angeles on May 6 and last until July 6, 2018.

You will have the chance to find works of Lee Quiñones Famous graffitius of the 80s officiating in New York, a reproduction of a ceramic temple, steel and mosaics by
Fabile, installations of the "artivist" Ron Finley, a cathedral questioning the public about the religion of the artist Mister cartoonJapanese artist Aiko will be entitled to its installation between eroticism and the empowerment of women, a whole drawing room of the Danish artist Huskmitnavn as well as the busts of John Ahearn... To recite nobody else but them!

Find more information on The site of the exhibition "Beyond The Streets" as well as on their pageFacebook andInstagram !

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