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Article: Welcome to the new Artoyz site!

Welcome to the new Artoyz site!

We are back! Luckily that summer was moribund in the plains of Montreuil, it allowed us to work thoroughly without discontinuing on what is the V3 of Artoyz that you can discover since last night. As you can see a lot of changes, starting with a new visual identity concocted by ilk From whom we certainly cannot separate. A revisited typo, a 'mascot' or 'avatar' or ' toy'(Always as mysterious and impenetrable) taking up the concept of the "drop" which is so dear to us and that everyone has bitten us for 5 years bunch of salopiads. And therefore a whole new site, completely rejected, goodbye flash, hello simplified, fluidified, facilitated, redesigned navigation. More categories to store all our products, more possibilities to find the room that suits you. New loyalty systems have appeared, you will be able to discover this in "your account" with the loyalty points and the appearance of sponsorship which will allow you to earn sacred vouchers by coopting your contacts and launching them with attached feet in the "play-one". But that's not all, you can create your "Wishlists" by "likant" your favorite products. Like Facebook, you can click on the small heart in each product sheet (under add to the basket) to show the world the products you love. You can find these products then in "your account" and place an order directly in the process. The most "liked" products will appear in the category "The most liked products". A part Pre -order which will grow as you go with the possibility of getting your hands on this or that product before the outing and being on having them. Space Gallery Was reworked with the possibility of seeing all the exhibitions that have taken place at Artoyz since 2005. THE Blog was integrated into the rest of the site to keep the same tone. The part Productions was created to present house creations under the Artoyz Originals label, Atz clothes, collaborations with others Brands and the Special Editions of figurines. THE Guide In order to answer all your questions around our universe, part that will be completed as you go with your questions and our answers. The part Creatoyz is a whole new section, with a virtual and permanent reel customer competition. The first competition allows you to designer An element of the future Beta Series elements which will be released in 2011. Go see the course of the competition in the game Creatoyz. For professionals, we now offer a complete and practical sales site in order to place your product orders for your store (s). This is the section Distribution. We therefore hope that this new site will please you, if you have any questions or comments to make about it, do not hesitate to tell us! Enjoy your visit you all. This site was designed by the team RuePavee

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